Win and Woo – Killer With A Smile (Feat. Molly Moore)

Win & Woo, duo of young and very talented music producers from Chicago, have been releasing great originals and remixes, including their new single “Killer With A Smile”. Available on iTunes and featuring beautiful vocals by Molly Moore, the track kills with a smile through calm breakdowns filled out with a sweet guitar and multiple hall drums. The drop works as accomplice, sounding chilled out as well but not so … Continue reading Win and Woo – Killer With A Smile (Feat. Molly Moore)

El Speaker – Put Your Love (feat. Leila Lanova)

Tribal Trap, dutch record label, has very high quality standards in what concerns to music, delivering pure talent and uniqueness through its releases. Following this line, recently they brought us a new single by El Speaker featuring Leila Lanova. Available for FREE, this track invites you to “Put Your Love” through a commercial pop vibe with a breakdown guided by energetic vocals and enjoyable bell chords, … Continue reading El Speaker – Put Your Love (feat. Leila Lanova)

Mazde – Neverland feat. Khary

After the tremendous success with a remix for the Disclosure‘s song “Help Me Lose My Mind” two years ago, having reached over 9 million plays on SoundCloud, Mazde, 22-years-old music producer from Germany, keeps his legacy and present us his new original where the quality abounds. Released via Stoney Roads Records, “Neverland” has a cool vibe created through a beautiful future beat combined with clean rap vocals by Khary, making … Continue reading Mazde – Neverland feat. Khary

I am Sid – Y2038

Quality tracks keep arriving to the Sheriff’s station. This time, I am Sid, Italian music producer, present us his new original which is as unique as its title. Available for FREE download, simplicity is the key to the success of this track. “Y2038” has a dingy vibe, starting with a square bass that leads us to a drop dominated by a dark groove and filled out with … Continue reading I am Sid – Y2038

Aero Chord – The 90s

After well succeeded releases such as “Surface” and “Boundless” on Monstercat, Alex Vlastaras, artistically known as Aero Chord, keeps showing all his talent and delivering fresh and innovative tunes. Released in the same record label as well, “The 90s” makes us go back in time through breakdowns made of an old school sound and a mysterious bassline adorned with bright lovely vocals. Traveling a bit more, we face “the calm … Continue reading Aero Chord – The 90s

WoodzSTHLM – Tonari (feat. Noomi)

This time something totally different was detected by the Sheriff’s radar, where WoodzSTHLM surprised us with his latest original release. Resulting from a combination of Swedish talent, “Tonari” stands out for being very unique, taking a chilled out Future Bass beat well warmed up by soft guitar sounds playing soulful melodies. In order to make it more complete and sounding even better, the track gets a new … Continue reading WoodzSTHLM – Tonari (feat. Noomi)

Julian Calor – Particles

The most watchful EDM listeners know Julian Calor, the name behind smashing bangers such as “Evolve” and “Cell“, with both tracks being part of his debut album also titled “Evolve” and released on Revealed Recordings, Hardwell‘s record label. Accustomed to produce around Progressive and Electro, Julian went for something more experimental, different. “Particles” has its genesis in the Future Bass, where an insane intro anticipates … Continue reading Julian Calor – Particles

Lars Pager – Brainstorm

Despite of being relatively new in the scene, Lars Pager, music producer from Holland, is immediately looking to conquer the people through original and distinct sounds, as we can see on his new track. Released via ILLICIT, “Brainstorm” is a wonderful, melodic and masterclass tune that contains some Lars signature sounds, crossing various genres such as Trap, Future Bass and Drum N’ Bass. A “whirlwind” … Continue reading Lars Pager – Brainstorm